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Generations of Genetics

Over 40 years in the making, PureFire was established to bring legacy genetics and expertise to today’s market. Founder Cody Lewis has inherited a wealth of knowledge from his father Bill who has been involved in the legacy cannabis industry since the early 1980’s. With Bill’s knowledge and Cody’s drive for excellence, PureFire is more than just a family affair, it is a passion project built on tradition, quality, and a pursuit of the finest cannabis experience.

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Our Mission

Pure Dedication to
the Craft

We strive to strengthen British Columbia’s growing legacy, culture, and reputation for producing the world’s best cannabis through our family’s dedication, artistry, and love for growing.

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The PureFire Team

Meet Our Family

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When we say work family, we really mean it. Our family brings lineage, tradition, and generational knowledge to the modern day market. We are proud to deliver the best cannabis, from our family to you.

Founder, CEO, and master grower of PureFire Company, Cody Lewis is pictured

Cody Lewis

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Founder & CEO, Master Grower

Cody has several years experience as an operations manager and master grower in the legacy market and is now bringing his skills and experience to the legal cannabis space. He has a proven record of producing AAAA flower and is excited to continue pushing his family legacy forward.

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Bill Lewis

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Bill has been involved in the cannabis industry since the early 1980’s and is the inspiration for our entry to the legal market. His passion for the plant is expressed in developing unique strains for the connoisseur and newcomer alike.

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Deena Lewis

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Deena has a background in manufacturing and corporate management and is the lead on financial operations of the company. This important role is also complimented by her own growing ability and deep knowledge of the industry.

Devin Sanborn

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Master Grower

Devin is a long-standing member of the PureFire team. His attention to detail and drive are what brought him to the top of the game managing a large legacy facility in only a few short years. He fits right in alongside his brother-in-law Cody sharing a passion for growing and desire to create the ultimate cannabis experience.

a portrait photograph of Chris Lewis from PureFire Co

Chris Lewis

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Head of Security

Chris has several years management experience and has assumed the role of Head of Security for our operations. He offers solid advice and expertise in information technology, human resources and operations management in order to keep things running smoothly.



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I was always experimenting to get better

Bill Lewis

Our growers have been groomed by the one of the best. Bill’s mentorship and invaluable experience as a grower for over 40 years has helped define our growing methodology.