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Unique, ultra high-quality flower and rare genetics are our bread and butter. Many of our strains have been developed in house for over 40 years and are not available anywhere else. Our passion for breeding continues to this day as we are always searching for new and exciting genetics.

Our extensive library includes cultivars with strong terpenes and rare profiles and we’re both excited and proud to share them with you.

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Black Truffle

THC: 24 – 28%
Terpenes: 2.5 – 3%,
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, B-caryophyllene,

Black Truffle is a rare exotic packed with trichomes and a potent terpene profile of peppery caryophyllene, citrusy limonene, and floral sweet myrcene.

Bubba Purple Punchsicle

Cross: Death Bubba x Purple Punchsicle
THC: 24 – 28%
Terpenes: 2 – 3%
Dominant Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, B-caryophyllene

Death Punch brings the heavy hitting kush nose of the Death Bubba with its musty, peppery dank flavours, and pairs it with the sweet, berry notes from Purple Punchsicle to give you the absolute best of both worlds in this knockout indica strain.

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Cross: Tropicana Cookies x Purple Punch
THC: 23 – 28%
Terpenes: 2 – 3%
Dominant Terpenes: Limonene, B-caryophyllene, Myrcene

This phenomenal combination of Tropicana Cookies and Purple Punch brings forth powerful notes of blueberry breakfast pastries from the Punch, and a tropical, earthy, sweet scent from the Tropicana Cookies making this the ultimate dessert strain.


Cross: Falcon 9 x Strawberries & Cream
THC: 25 – 31%
Terpenes: 3 – 4%
Dominant Terpenes: Farnesene, Limonene, Trans-Caryophyllene

Given this cultivar’s lineage, it’s no surprise that the flavour profile of bright, sugary berries which sweep the palette initially are followed with an exhale of floral notes and spice. The aroma of the strain is a pungent, sweet sensation with hints of berry, apples, oranges, and gas finish. The flowers have a beautiful structure with the slightest fox tailing and a heavy coating of sparkling trichomes.

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