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A State of the Art Facility Combined with
Surefire Processes

Our Facility

Purpose Built for Growing Pure Fire


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Team Members

PureFire Genetics

Great Flower Starts Here

Our genetics are developed right here in house. Dating back to the 90’s, we have been able to establish an exclusive library of over 180 genetics. Our premium flower is unique to us, and we want to share it with you.

Our Methodology

Refine, Cultivate, and Purify

After years of research, experimentation, and patience, we truly know what works best for us. We stick to small batches in order to keep a keen eye on each plant and ensure they’re grown to their full genetic potential. With this much attention to detail, we know you’ll get a perfect smoke from every single jar that leaves our facility.

The Results

Pure Quality.
Pure Fire.

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a graphic of a black truffle cannabis bud on a transparent background